Reaper Choppers Two Year
Replacement Parts Warranty

In effect for all Reaper Choppers models manufactured after January 1, 2003.

The following warranty is not a claim as to legality of use in any city, state, municipality or jurisdiction anywhere in the world. The products offered by Reaper Choppers are for off road use only, by persons 18 years of age or older and in off road areas deemed legal and appropriate by eminent law of the area the end user resides or uses the product in. On road operation, by persons under 18 years of age, of Reaper Choppers in areas not legally permitting use of such items are the end users responsibility. Check all local laws before purchasing any Reaper Choppers product. Be smart, ride safe and be legal.

Reaper Choppers will honor, for the period of two years from the date of sale posted by Reaper Choppers invoice or verifiable selling invoice from an authorized Reaper Choppers dealer or recognized agent, a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on all Reaper Choppers models pertaining to the replacement of said parts, other than those listed elsewhere in this warranty. In addition, Reaper Choppers will supply, at their own expense direct freight expenses to ship said parts to any location within the continental United States, by a carrier of Reaper Choppers choosing in a manner deemed timely and appropriate.

Explanation of warranty; If any covered part or component of a Reaper Chopper fails in service due to a defect in material or workmanship at the time of manufacture, Reaper Choppers will at its discretion supply a replacement part, free of charge to the location of the customers’ choice, within the continental United States, via nationally recognized common carrier or postal service. A deposit equal to the retail price of the related component, and any freight and handling charges will be levied to the customer pending return of the component claimed defective, sent postage due, to the Reaper Choppers offices for final inspection, review and judgment as to the validity of the claim. The return of claimed defective component must be completed within 30 business days of the date of shipment of replacement component from Reaper Choppers in order for warranty claim to remain valid.

Warranty process; If any covered part or component on your Reaper Chopper is, in your opinion faulty, you may contact the selling dealer direct or Reaper Choppers via internet at, via email, or via telephone at 403 704-1600 between 9AM and 5PM, central standard time, Monday through Friday, excluding nationally recognized holidays to make a claim for warranty replacement of said component.

Verification of warranty period; In order to process your claim, Reaper Choppers will need the unique welded identification number (found on the bottom of the engines mounting plate), a copy of your bill of sale for your reference and a description of the part or component in question. If proof of date of actual sale is not available, Reaper Choppers will rely upon the date of shipment from our factory as commencement of the actual warranty period. Claims submitted in excess of 365 days of the inception date of warranty will not be accepted for consideration.

Replacement parts transfer; Until Reaper Choppers receives the component in question for inspection and verification, or the authorized Reaper Choppers dealer has personally inspected the component, each part will be shipped out as a sold unit with payment in full via credit card, wire transfer or cash initially. Once the component in question has been inspected by Reaper Choppers warranty department personnel and consequently deemed to be faulty due to materials or workmanship on the part of Reaper Choppers, a full credit for the component, as well as shipping expenses to the requested location, within the continental United States will be refunded via credit against the original charge card account, or Reaper Choppers company check within a period of 14 working days from that inspection date.

Exclusions to warranty; This warranty is for parts replacement of defective components or materials deemed so by Reaper Choppers management or staff ONLY. Reaper Choppers will, at our discretion deem any warranty claim not properly documented or lacking physical proof of a damaged component to be null and void. Time lost, transportation expenses, labor to repair, handle or inspect will not be reimbursed. Warranty claims submitted with attached labor or repair related expenses will be deemed inappropriate and discarded without notice or further consideration. Failure to return original components for inspection and consideration for warranty credit to Reaper Choppers offices within 30 days of the date of original shipment of replacement part will convert your warranty claim into a parts sale and no refund of any kind will be offered or granted.

Other Exclusions of warranty: IMPORTANT! Reaper Choppers will not warranty the following components on any Reaper Chopper, regardless of circumstance, due to the nature of the products use. Excluded components include, but are not exclusively limited to wheels, tires, inner tubes, drive chain, drive clutch assembly, brake pads, paint (regardless of chipping, fading, crazing or cracking in any way), decals, handle grips, seat upholstery and seat padding, as well as consumable items on the chopper such as the spark plug, bearings and other components that require inspection and service on a regular basis. The above mentioned components cannot and will not be covered under warranty, regardless of circumstance. This warranty document serves as public notice that the above mentioned components on all Reaper Choppers have no express written warranty coverage due to the intended use of the components, the environment in which the component is subjected and/or the limited durability and lifespan of those components.

How to void your Reaper Choppers warranty; This warranty will be null and void if Reaper Choppers or its authorized dealer or agent of record deems the part or component failure is due to any of the following: abuse, neglect, lack of proper adjustment or service, modification in any manner, operation on public roadways, excessive long distance high speed riding, stunt riding, jumping or wheelies, lack of proper pre-ride service and inspection, towing, overloading, carrying of passengers, use by persons under the legal age of 18, use by persons not properly trained in the operation of a standard motorized scooter or motorcycle, excessive exposure to the elements resulting in rust, corrosion or like degradation of the component, damage resulting from impacts by or into other objects, structures or vehicles. Your best protection of your warranty is to properly use, store, preserve the originality of and maintain your Reaper Chopper.

Legal limits of warranty; This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties whether verbal or written. Your purchase of a Reaper Chopper is your agreement to abide by the procedures and limitations set forth in this written document pertaining to the warranty of your Reaper Chopper and will be considered as a binding contract between yourself and Reaper Choppers for the period of time described in the above written warranty. You may have other rights in your state, region or country other than those stated above. If so, Reaper Choppers will consider any and all laws, rulings and indications set forth for the territory in question and in all aspects attempt to abide by those rules of conduct.

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