Reaper Choppers has taken your average bar stool racer and reinvented it to be extremely tough and trouble free just like our Mini Choppers and Mini Trikes.

The New heavy duty barstool racer frame and engine plate can take some serious abuse without bending and breaking. We also included some great features in the frame such as flip up engine plate ends to protect your engine, an oil access hole to allow oil changes with minimal mess, and an extra thick engine plate to stop engine plate flex. This reduces chain noise and increases chain life.

Another great feature is that our heavy duty double ring bar stool has been modified to allow you access to your airfilter without removal of the bar stool from the frame. We are all about saving you A LOT of time, which in turn means you will have more time for zipping your bar stool racer.

Solid steering shaft with heavy duty bracing to stop bending and flexing! So...If you want the toughest bar stool racer made you have come to the right place!

Also the colors shown here are our standard/stock colors. Our barstool racers can be ordered in any Reaper color but, colors other than red, black and yellow will take longer to ship since we will have to build them at the time of your order.

To order your own bar stool racer please contact us.

Reaper Barstool specs:

Length: 36.5
Width: 32.5
Overall Height: 32.75
Seat height: 32.25
Weight: 125lbs
Load capacity: 275lbs
Frame: And ultra sturdy JIG fitted and MIG welded .120 wall thickness, 1.25 diameter fat tube with heavy duty engineplate for no flexing!
Front wheels/tires: 5x5 Douglas alum wheels with built in bearings. Cheng Shin 10x4.5-5 tires
Rear wheels/tires: 5x7.75 Douglas alum wheels. Cheng Shin 11x7.10-5 tires
Barstool: Heavy duty chrome double ring barstool with the lower ring cut to allow air filter access without removing the stool.
Brake system: Big mechanical heavy duty alum caliper, with a 6 steel disc for great stopping power.
Engine: 4.5 horsepower single overhead cam pull start overhead valve gasoline, 7hp option available.
Clutch: Special OEM quality Stainless spring, 6 shoe lock up friction style.
Chain: #35 chain on the 4.5hp and #41 chain on the 7hp models.
Rear sprocket: 2 piece alum sprocket, allowing easy and quick gear changes.
Bllet rear wheel hubs.
1 solid live keyed rear axle
Billet sprocket hub
Heavy duty steel guards for the rear axle, clutch and chain.
Butterfly throttle and Brake control.
Solid steering shaft with heavy duty Bracing
Paint System: DuPont factory engineered catalyzed system
Serial numbered for easy recognition for insurance
Top speed: 25mph for the 4.5hp. And 30mph for the 7hp

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